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拉各斯大学尼中发展研究院(University of Lagos Institute of Nigeria China Development Studies)是尼日利亚拉各斯大学与尼日利亚中国投资发展促进会联合创立的以经济文化研究为基础的综合性学院。学院秉承兼容並蓄、和而不同的学风,高度关注尼中发展的现实问题,致力于学术与现实的结合,不遗余力地推动尼中经贸文化往来。
尼中发展研究院现有4个研究室:非洲经济贸易研究室、非洲教育与文化研究室、非洲政治与国际关系研究室和非洲艺术与传媒研究室,及3个科研辅助部门:图书资料室、《Nigeria China Times》编辑部和行政办公室。管理2个研究中心,即:昌安经济信息中心和华非财经研究中心。 

拉各斯大学尼中发展研究院 官方公众号:

尼中发展研究院院长:Olufemi Muibi Saibu

Olufemi Saibu is a Professor of Development Economics in the Department of Economics of University of Lagos. He had his PhD in Economics from Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife Nigeria in 2006 and was a Postdoctoral Research Fellow of University of Johannesburg South Africa in 2012/2013. He started is academic career in 2001 at Obafemi Awolowo University and rose to the position of Senior Lecturer in 2007. He joined the service of University of Lagos in 2011 and became Professor in 2016. With his 19 years of academic work experience, he had over fifty publications and contribution to books. He has mentored about Seven PhD students and several Master degree students. 
His research interest focuses on how macroeconomic policies can be used to stimulate economic diversification, promote employment-enhancing growth, redress poverty and inequality as well as mainstreaming informal economy and enhancing small private enterprise incubation and development in Nigeria. In recent times, he has ventured into how bilateral relationship especially south-south economic relationship can be deepened and used to address some of the socioeconomic challenges in developing countries. In the course of this research engagement, he has developed expertise in economic impact assessment and policy modelling, scenario analysis, simulation and optimization to assess the contributions of such bilateral relationship between Nigeria and its partners like China with a view to harness the mutual benefits and improve such bilateral relations for greater mutual benefits for both countries.   
He was appointed the pioneer Director, Institute of Nigeria China Development Studies which was established by University of Lagos in partnership with Chinese Investors Association for Development and Promotions. Professor Femi Saibu has been involved in several collaborative research and policy think tank groups. He is a Tract Expert/Senior Research Fellow, ARUA Centre of Excellence for Unemployment and Skill Development (CoE-USD) and Center for Housing and Sustainable Development (CHSD). A member of Nigeria Economic Society(NES), Economic Society South Africa(ESSA), African Development Study Group (ADSG), Development Studies Association(DSA) UK, African Property(APTI) Tax Initiative, International Society for Development and Sustainability(ISDS), International Energy Economics Association(IEEA) and Society for the Study of Economic Inequality (ECINEQ). He is also a Research Fellow of Initiative for Public Policy Analysis (IPPA). He has worked severally on macroeconomic risks, energy domestic investment, capital flows, policy reforms, alternative financing and policy environment for business development in Nigeria.
Professor Femi Saibu is youthful, innovative and creative individual, with strong analytical and methodical skills. Enjoys working with people and has a great capability and potential for teaching and research. Seeking collaboration and partnership with world class organization, in capacity building and translating academic and research output to practical and operational reality. His major strengths include providing excellent client service, an accomplished team player and an effective resource mobiliser. He has the skills and confidence necessary to integrate into a diverse environment. More importantly he responds positively to pressure and delivers to strict deadlines.



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